First Japanese “guy” virtual influencer Liam Nikuro’s 13 questions

There are few Japanese girl virtual influencer like Imma and aoiprism, but Liam was the first Japanese “guy” virtual influencer and here’s the 13 questions that you need to know about Liam Nikuro.

(Lest: Imma / Middle: Liam / Right: Aoiprism)

  1. What made you wanna start Instagram?

I like music, fashion and art. I thought starting Instagram account is the best way to express who I am.

      2.  Who’s your favorite Instagram account?

@TravisScott and @A$APRocky. They’re hip-hop artist, but the contents that they put on Instagram such as music and fashion inspires me a lot.

      3.  What’s your favorite brand?

I’m into RHUDE right now. In general I like sacai, Acne Studios, BALENCIAGA, Maison Margiela, and  JAMES PERSE.

       4. What’s your favorite store?

It’s not a store, but my favorite spot is an art district in down town LA. There are lots of wall paintings and other creative arts. You should definitely go if you’re in LA!

      5. What’s your fashion style come from?

Street style is my favorite, but it depends on the situation and mix with casual, sports, skateboard style, mode and more.

      6. Who’s your favorite artist?

Bruno Mars. He does mix 80-90s R&B and soul music and that’s my favorite, so his music always inspires me.

      7. What are you into right now?

Listening to music and reading. Tyler the creator’s new album is the bomb! And my favorite book is from Takashi Murakami.

      8. What did you buy recently?

I bought black tee from Acne Studio at Melrose avenue in LA.

      9. What do you want right now?

Record player. It’s different vibe and I’d like to listen Al Green with analog record player.

      10. Who would you like to meet the most?

I wanted to meet Michael Jackson when he was alive. Maybe I should make virtual version of Michael Jackson so I can bring him back to life haha

      11. Who would you like to be?

I want to make changes to society as a virtual model. Like giving him courage and happiness.

      12. What would you like to try the most?

I’d like to be featured in fashion, culture or music magazine. And I’m making music right now so I’ll win grammy with this song and be the first virtual human who won grammy! haha

      13. Any comment to your fans?

I don’t exist in real world, but I’ll do my best to entertain and give you guys courage by putting my creative work out there. Thanks for your support!

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