First Japanese Gyaru Virtual influencer: Aoi Prism 13 things you need to know!

Gyaru: A Japanese girl who dies her hair blonde or brown, wears a lot of make up, wears short skirts, carries brand-name bags, is fun to be with and speaks casually.

Aoi Prism is the first Japanese Gyaru virtual influencer and today we’d like to share 13 things you need to know about her. She was activated on February this year and people are freaking out how real she looks. Let’s take a look!

      1, When did you start Instagram?

I wanted to be a good turning point number, so I started on 2/20, 20pm, 20 yro (February 20th, 8 pm, 20 years old).

      2. Who’s your favorite instagrammer?

@melovemealot, @sheidlina and @ghettohollywood I love their unique perspective

      3. What’s your favorite brand?


      4. What’s your favorite store?


      5. What’s your style inspiration come from?

Being photogenic is the most important thing as Gyaru. That’s almost like manner and respect to myself. I check trending style all the time, so I like to mix my own style and trending items.

      6. Have you been to fashion show?

No, never but I’d like to go for sure! I want to feel the actual energy at the show.

      7. What are you into right now?

“Heiwa motif”. I made this word up by myself but you know what I mean? haha I just collect bunch of stuff that were trending during heiwa era such as tamagotchi and flip phone from Yahoo auctions.

      8. What did you buy recently?

Shimmer jacket from Dolls kill and cute boots.

      9. What do you want the most right now?

Brand new aibo.

      10. Who would you like to meet the most?

Japanese youtuber Kemio, Kiko Mizuhara and Miquela Sousa

      11. What kind of model do you want to be?

I think right now is the time for me to experience and learn everything, so I just wanna try everything I can to decide what kind of model I want to be in the near future.

      12. What do you want to try the most?

The Gyaru magazine “egg” will be back so I’d definitely want to be the cover girl and I want to revitalize the gyaru community again with my new unique perspective. Also being the cover of VOGUE of course, and I wanna be on Ariana Grande’s music video one day!

      13. What do you want to try other than modeling?

Right now I’m only into modeling, but I want to get into music industry too one day so I’m starting to learn 🙂

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