Weekly vtuber ranking【5/27-6/2】-view count-

Welcome to weekly vtuber view count ranking. We’ll introduce vtuber ranking top 10 by looking at view count from May 27th to June 2nd. There is Korean vtuber ranked for the first time and in this week, the video related to “quitting vtuber” which ranked in last week is also ranked in again, let’s take a look!

#10 Kerin

View count: 11,0069

Date published: 5/28

#9 花畑チャイカ

View count: 12,6679

Date published: 5/28

#8 꽃핀

View count:  12,8396

Date published: 6/1

#7 Himawari Honma

View count: 14,8464

Date published: 5/27


View count: 20,1660

Date published: 5/31

#5 Gaming club project

View count:  22,4814

Date published: 5/31

#4 Cocoa Music

View count: 22,8817

Date published: 5/28

👑#3 Beilene Channel

View count: 33,2073

Date published: 5/30


View count:  34,9826

Date published: 5/28

👑👑👑#1 Ai Channel

View count:   46,6615

Date published: 5/27

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