2 brand new business vtubers!

There are 2 brand new virtual youtubers that just debuted from business character. These characters were brand character in the first place, and now they turned into virtual characters.  Let’s take a look!


Suntory Nomu (燦鳥ノム) is a brand new virtual character from Japanese beverage company “suntory”. Nomu means “drink”, so her full name means “drink suntory”.

She released her original song called “life is tasty” on May 29th and debuted as a virtual singer. Check out her song below:

She started her youtube channel back in July last year, so it has been almost a year and she gathered almost 100K subscribers. Mainly she does suntory product review, singing videos and other fun videos. It’s great that she debuted as a singer since her youtube channel is growing very fast.

Upon her singer debut, she signed a contract with sister company of Universal music, Virgin music.

Suntory Nomu YouTube channel

Suntory Nomu Twitter channel

②Karaage Kun

Karaage kun is a official character of popular Japanese convenience store LAWSON’s product chicken karaage. After his debut, literally right away, Kawaage kun collaborated with Kizuna Ai. She is known as the most popular virtual youtuber and the collaboration must worked pretty well to get a recognition from the viewer of virtual contents. I can say that doing collaboration with big youtuber right after starting a channel is the best way to gain subscribers so it’s very smart of them to do that.

Karaage kun uploaded total of 4 videos so far (6/7/2019) and doing well for vlogging.

Karaage kun YouTube channel

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