Kizuna Ai is the face of Peach John in China

We all know that Kizuna Ai was the first virtual youtuber and now is the biggest virtual youtuber in the entire world! YouTube channel -> AI Channel

This is the first time she got a international business proposal and must be super excited for her! The brand is the popular Japanese underwear company called “Peach John” and she will be the face of the brand in China with Japanese model Suzuki Yuna. They’ll be promoting “work bra” series together on both social media platform 微博、微淘、優酷、微信、騰訊視頻、小紅書、愛奇芸、bilibili, 天猫TMALL and a physical shop.

And if you shop specific model during the collaboration at the store, you’ll get limited edition clear file folder. This collaboration was supported by the Japanese marketing company that specialize in Chinese marketing called ENJOY JAPAN.

Previous collaboration with birtual character for Chinese market is Miku Hatsune and anime, game and manga culture is very popular in China. Kizuna Ai debuted internationally after 2 years of her debut and that was pretty fast success. Can’t wait to see her success more!

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