Kizuna Ai’s birthday concert to be live-streamed on YouTube and BiliBili

Kizuna Ai is internationally popular virtual youtuber and her birthday is on June 30th. She is going to hold her birthday concert event A.I. Party!  2019 – hello, how are u? – at HY hall in Tokyo. This birthday concert will be also live-streamed on YouTube and Chinese video-sharing service Bilibili. The event is scheduled to begin at 4pm on June 30th.

The ticket was immediately sold out  and people are dying to get the ticket!

Here is the special website created only for her birthday event-> special website and the link for her live-stream will be announced on the website and her twitter account, so don’t miss out!

The special guests for her special event are her fellow virtual youtubers Kaguya Luna and YuNi. In addition, Yunomi, who produced two of Kizuna Ai’s song “future base” and “new world” will also support her stage.

This is her birthday promotional poster below:

Check out her first birthday event from last year!

At the special event, guests can purchase her exclusive merchandise including tee shirts, towels, key holder, rubber bands, stickers and so on.

This is gonna be the most exciting and biggest event and it’s going to be so much fun to both attend and watch live stream. Stay tuned!


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