Weekly vtuber ranking【6/24-6/30】-view count-

Welcome to weekly vtuber view count ranking. We’ll introduce vtuber ranking top 10 by looking at view count from June 24th to the 30th. In this week, new vtuber’s debut and of course Kizuna Ai are ranked in. Let’s take a look!

#10 Nui Sociere

View count: 14,1712

Date published: 6/25

#9 YuNi

View count: 16,0522

Date published: 6/28

#8 A.I Games

View count:  17,7397

Date published: 6/26

#7 Sangaku Mizuho

View count:  19,7986

Date published: 6/24

#6 Cocoa

View count:   20,6855

Date published: 6/26

#5 .LIVE

View count: 22,2216

Date published: 6/28

#4 Beilene Channel

View count:  24,4236

Date published: 6/26

#3 Kaguya Luna

View count:   26,1373

Date published: 6/26

#2 Kizuna Ai

View count: 28,7601

Date published: 6/29

#1 Gaming club project

View count:  30,1722

Date published: 6/24

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