Vtuber24h TV will be on live stream on August

24 hour tv is traditional thing that we watch as Japanese during summer, but this year, instead of human hosts, virtual characters and virtual youtubers will be the host and live streaming 24 hour tv program on August 19th 9pm to 20th 9pm.

This event will be held at the several location by Higashi Meihan expressway (Zepp DiverCity、Zepp Nagoya、Zepp Osaka Bayside). And during this 24 hours of the event, not only lots of vtubers but also mix of pop culture such as voice actor, e-sport, anime and more.

This event also has pre party, after party and a less popular channel on a different channel as well so it’s gonna be so much fun! As of right now, one of the overall host will be Tomato Chan.

We are not sure who will be in this event yet, but more details are coming. Stay tuned.

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