Brand new massage facility using VR in LA

There are lots of different types of VR headsets out there from expensive ones to affordable ones, and becoming popular all around the world. Now scientists have shown that VR is not only for entertainment purposes, but it also has medical benefit as well. Generally people think VR experience is something relaxing and going on vacation in virtual space, however there is no place to experience it easily. There is brand new massage facility using VR in Los Angeles, CA.

The place is called “Esqapes Immersive Relaxation Center” and the service is pretty simple. You will have to wear the VR headsets and just sit down on massage chair and you’ll get the massage while looking at the scene you picked such as beautiful beach or tropical resort or sunset and so on.

The amount of relaxation you can expect is depends on the quality of the contents I believe. You may think”VR and massage chair? I can do this at home” but not only vision and massage, but they also provide relaxing scent that matches with the content you are watching.

Price is $45 for 30 minutes session. We should experience it at least once and see the result. Check out their official website below.

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