Weekly Vtuber Ranking【7/1-7/7】-engagement-

Welcome to weekly vtuber engagement ranking. We’ll introduce vtuber ranking top 10 by looking at engagement percentage. Let’s take a look at top 10 engagement ranking from July 1st to the 7th. In this week, different types of videos ranked in. Personally the video ranked in 10th which is the collaboration video of Kizuna Ai and Korean vtuber is must watch!

#10 초이 CHOY

Engagement percentage: 188.70%

Date published: 7/3/2019

#9 Narukami Sabaki

Engagement percentage:  192.40%

Date published: 7/1/2019

#8 Yorumi Rena

Engagement percentage:   544.60%

Date published: 7/6/2019

#7 粛正罰丸

Engagement percentage: 612.60%

Date published: 7/1/2019

#6 Hakase Fuyuki

Engagement percentage:  635.70%

Date published: 7/6/2019

#5 KOYUKI channel

Engagement percentage:  1070.40%

Date published: 7/1/2019

#4 散樂瑞穂組

Engagement percentage: 1082.30%

Date published: 7/2/2019

#3 ARu子

Engagement percentage: 1089.60%

Date published: 7/1/2019

#2 Porygon Chennel

Engagement percentage:  2696.90%

Date published: 7/1/2019

#1 Nao Channel

Engagement percentage: 38482.50%

Date published: 7/4/2019

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