SHOWROOM Vtuber ranking

SHOWROOM is a Japanese live streaming platform and lots of virtual youtubers are using this platform to do live stream, upload videos and communicate with fans. Ranking is based on follower count and sudden rise ranking. And here is the brand new ranking in the SHOWROOM platform.


  1.  輝夜月 Kaguya Luna
  2.  東雲めぐ Shinonome Megu
  3. 鈴鹿詩子 Utako Suzuka
  4. 樋口楓 Higuchi Kaede
  5. エルフのえる Elf Noeru
  6. 物述有栖 Mononobe Alice
  7. 剣持刀也 Kenmochi Touya
  8. 九条林檎 Kujo Ringo
  9. 伏見ガク Fushimi Gaku
  10. しろねこ亭ねこすけ Shironeko

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