RevDol! will be on SHOWROOM

The Chinese virtual youtuber “RevDol” will be on Japanese live streaming platform “SHOWROON” from the 16th at 7pm. Check out their SHOWROOM here -> here

They will be on SHOWROOM every Tuesday. RevDol is consist of 6 team members, but every time 2 of them will be live streaming each time. In the first live stream, Katia from Russia and Isabella from USA are planning to do the live stream together. 

RevDol is virtual idols from China, started since October, 2018. They are live streaming on BiliBili every Friday from 8;30pm. They also have TV show series and we can chat with them on WeChat to communicate with an actual virtual idols.

They were born to save the world with singing and practices dancing, singing, talking by communicate with fans on internet. The way it works is very unique and it’s like we raise our idols by our actions.

RevDol is consist of 6 members.

1, 李清歌 (first row left side)

From China, she is dreaming to be a typical asian idol.

2. 神宮司 玉藻 (middle row left side)

From Japan, Small body but big attitude.

3. Rose (3rd row left side)

From England, fall in and out of things quickly, doesn’t like anything that isn’t fair.

4.モーシィ (First row right)

From China, youngest one in the group. Good at singing

5. カティア・ウラーノヴァ (middle row right side)

From Russia, otaku girl and very talented

6. Isabella (3rd row right side)

From USA, Super positive girl.



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