VTuber’s rapid growth in Japan

First of all, what is VTuber?

Virtual YouTuber is a virtual / fictitious character, mainly delivering a wide range of videos from YouTube to playing games, trying, small neta, chatting .
Derivatives include virtual streamer (Virtual Streamer), virtual showroom (Virtual SHOWROOMer), and others.

Motion capture and lip sync techniques are used, and the movement and expression of the performer are reflected in the character’s three-dimensional graphic.

Kizunaai which began activities from 2016 is regarded as the precursor of Vtuber, and YouTube’s channel registration number has exceeded 1.7 million (as of April 2018).
There is also “the four heavenly kings”, also Kizunaai, Teruyuki, Miriakari, Electric brain girl Shiloh, virtual in the uncle of Lolita fox daughter Youtuber, it is also called “the four people gathered together as five people”.

There are many beautiful girls’ characters, but there are new characters up to animals and creatures, and there are marketing projections that Vtuber occupies the top of youtuber in 2018.

Based on collaboration of UserLocal inc and CyberV inc’s VTuber market analysis announced on August 6th, VTuber expanded from 181 people to 4475 people during the first half of the year, from January to July, which means 20 VTubers started YouTube per day.
Also, per channel’s total subscribers increased from 428K to 1394K. Total views grew from 2,300,000 to 7,800,000 as well.

In addition, questionary based on CyberV inc’s online web survey, 42% of guys and girls between age of 10-30 acknowledge VTuber.

Within this context, we are very excited for VTuber’s bright future.

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