VTuber AZKi will release first album “without U”

AZKi is a virtual youtuber / singer and just finished her 2nd concert “A GOODDAY TO DiE” yesterday and she made four new different announcements.

AZKi’s YouTube channel here

First; She will be releasing her first full album “without U” on this November. It will include 11 songs and 2 remix songs. Details will be announced soon.

Second; She will do her 3rd solo concert on September 22nd at Akihabara. Tickets available now until August 4th.

Third; She will do collab concert event called”LAST V STANDiNG vol.1″ on the day before her solo concert, which is September 21st at Akihabara. Tickets info will be available soon.

Last; She will be attending the music festival called “GIGABEATS”. GIGABEATS will be held at Osaka American village CLUB JOULE. Tickets and artists info will be available soon as well.

【Album and single info】

– AZKi first full album “without U”

Available on November 2019

– Single: Goodbye hero (さよならヒーロー)

Available NOW – here

– Single: From A to Z

Available NOW – here 

– Single: Shit days (シットデイズ)

Available NOW – here

– Single: Fake.Fake.Fake

Available NOW – here

– Single: Inochi (いのち)

Available NOW – here


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