New virtual idol unit “Fiola”

Unlimited Inc is the company which manage popular virtual youtubers such as Gaming club project (ゲーム部プロジェクト), Aogiri high school gaming club (あおぎり高校ゲーム部) and more announced that they produced a new virtual idol unit called Fiola”.

Fiola consists of Asahina Hina, Amegasaki Chiaki, Amemiya Mei, Haduki Yuka, total of 5 girls. They are planning to do legit idol activities through internet and SNS such as YouTube, Twitter and more.

As of now, they are most active on Twitter, so check out their Twitter account above.

“I’m positive, cheerful and have leadership! Wish me luck!”

“I’m friendly and mature, that’s my strengths!”

“I have a high sense of beauty. Strict to myself but sweet to my fans.. I guess..!”

“I love meet and greet. And I’m the tomboy in the group”

“I’m the type of girl who makes you wanna protect me :)”

They have an individual YouTube channel. Check em out!

Asahina Hina -> YouTube channel

Amegasaki Chiaki -> YouTube channel

Sakashita Kyoka -> YouTube Channel

Amemiya Mei -> YouTube Channel

Haduki Yuka –> YouTube Channel

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