ASOS’ new virtual catwalk

ASOS is fast fashion e-commerce website from England, they have more than 850 brands and ship to more than 160 countries worldwide. Annual average growth rate is 50%, they make more than 24 million pounds a year. Apparently ASOS is one of the most successful e-commerce business, and they are trying brand new feature, which is virtual catwalk on their official app.

What is virtual catwalk?

This virtual catwalk technology was a collaboration with AR development company HoloMe and ASOS. You can find this brand new AR technology on their official ASOS app.

Basically you can see the virtual model who’s wearing clothes that you are considering to purchase, and see the actual fit and you can even see them walking by using virtual catwalk technology. Interesting thing is, this is actually not 3D model, you’re seeing the video that was cropped.  As of now, there are only around 100 products that is suitable to virtual catwalk, but there will be more in the near future. Can you even tell which one is virtual ?!

How to use AR?

Go to ASOS app and tap “Shop ASOS DESIGN with Virtual Catwalk“. Pick the product that you’d like to see and tap “AR“.

The app will open the camera. Find the space for virtual model to catwalk. Tap the screen and the model will show up.

You can zoom, pause and check all the details of the products.

Try ASOS app and see the new invention now!


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