Virtual fashion show here we come!

Virtual reality, virtual youtuber, virtual influencer… virtual is definitely trending tremendously especially this past couple of years and now there is world’s very first virtual fashion show in Japan.

This is the world’s first virtual fashion show and it would be completely new vibe compared to the original human fashion show. The event is called “FAVRIC” and not only featured fashion, but also a music entertainment event.

In the show, virtual characters will be wearing all kinds of “virtual fashion” including new collection of the virtual clothes, sounds and noises.

The list artists who will play at the show is BUMP OF CHICKEN (woohoo), miwa and keyakizaka 46.

Check out the list of virtual talents who will be joining at the show!


Subscribers: 57K

樋口楓 (Higuchi Kaede)

Subscribers: 216K

ピンキーポップヘップバーン (Pinky Pop Hpburn)

Subscribers: 158K

Relationship between Vtuber and fashion

Virtual fashion started to trend recently, but we used to enjoy fashion virtually such as to set outfit in avatar character online ever since internet became the thing.

One of the good thing about virtual character is that the person who creates the character can get to decide how to look, what to wear, and all the details by themselves, so automatically fashion is part of the process of creating virtual being.

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