Virtual Market 3 is happening soon

Virtual market is a 3D avatar and 3D model exhibition and they’ve already done 2 times before. It’s the world’s biggest VR event with more than 600 creators and 20 sponsors. Now version 3 is happening from September 21st to the 25th on social VR platform called “VRChat”, how excited?

They are doing crowdfunding since August 20th on Japanese crowdfunding website and they’ve achieved more than $50,000 as of 28th.

What is Virtual market?

The concept of the virtual market is to develop and enrich virtual world. It’s unique virtual space that only virtual world can express and free entrance so this is something you must see.

Participants wear VR headsets and they would be able to try on 3D avatars and also purchase them. People can join without VR headset such as desktop screen as well as Oculus Quest this time.

Couple thousand people came to the event first time, 125K people for 2nd time and they are expecting for more people to join this 3rd time.

Every time they come back with more and more better features and people are excited to see the upscale version of this world’s biggest VR event Virtual Market Vol. 3.

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