VR movie won the Emmy award

The new VR movie called “The Wolves in the Walls” from Fable studio is the Emmy award winner for the first time as a VR movie. The story is originally created as a children’s book and is based on the same book from Neil Gaiman.

To the Lucy’s world

The main character is named Lucy, 8 years old. She believes that there is a wolf in the walls but is that true? Players will go find out with Lucy if the wolves is there or not as story continues.

So basically you are seeing and feeling what Lucy is feeling, When Lucy is feeling down, the room would be crooked.

Sense of unity with virtual character

In this movie, you’re not just a viewer. You’re experiencing the story as a 8 years old perspective. The best feature of this movie is that you can feel the sense of unity even if its a virtual character.

Another unique point is that Lucy is not just the ordinary animation character who says or acts in only certain way. She changes her behavior based on how she treats Lucy so players can fee more close and familiar.

“The Wolves in the Walls” is available on Oculus Store for free early access. Check it out!

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