SHIRO is releasing 3 original songs for the first time!

SHIRO has more than 700K subscribers on her YouTube channel and is known as one of the best virtual youtuber. Ever since she started her first YouTube channel on June, 2017, she is growing her fanbase rapidly and is one of the most successful vtuber in Japan.

And her agency Upland inc announced that she is releasing 3 different original songs on August 31st (Japan time).  Songs are called「叩ケ 叩ケ 手ェ叩ケ」,「46」 and「またあした」.

She performed new songs at her birthday event on August 24th and those who couldn’t attend the event are excited to hear the new track on 31st.  Check out her songs on itunes dow below.




SHIRO Official YouTube channel >> here

SHIRO official Twitter >> here

SHIRO’s Agency Uoland Inc >> here




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