Aoi Fuji’s solo concert “OVERTURE – 序曲 -“

Aoi Fuji is known as cheerful virtual youtuber who belongs to Smarprise Inc is announced that she will be doing the solo concert called “OVERTURE – 序曲 -” on October 5th, Saturday and will be livestreaming on NicoNico at the same time. Even if you cannot make it on the day, don’t worry you’ll be able to watch part of the event on online for free.

It’s been almost 2 years since she started her YouTube career, and she has over 200K subscribers now. Finally she is doing the solo concert for the first time and it’s exciting for both audience and herself.

She mainly uploads cover songs and debuted with a major label after a year of hard work on her YouTube career.

The concert will be held at brand new spot called “LIVE&CAFÉ SPACE「Veats Shibuya(ビーツ・シブヤ)」” and this would be the first concert at the location.

Event details

Date: October 5th, Saturday

Location: Veats Shibuya (

Time: OPEN 1pm, START 1:30pm (Japan time)

Merchandise details will be announced on official website soon.

Event website:

(All the details about this event will be updated on the website link above)

Livestream details

Date: October 5th, Saturday

Time: 1:30pm (japan time)

Platform: NicoNico Douga

Platform Channel: SPWN Channel (

Price: 5,000 niconico point (1 niconico point = ¥1 JPY)

※In order to watch the livestream, you have to log in and purchase points if you don’t have enough point, however you can watch part of the event for free.





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