New trend: Chinese virtual youtubers

In Japan, virtual youtuber / virtual character is legit genre after virtual youtuber trend exposed, and now same thing is happening in China. Media from all over the world is paying attention on virtual youtuber and wall street journal in the US is even talking about vtuber trend that was uploaded on August 22nd. Also, there is an article about vtubers in Japan on Chinese news website called 参考消息.

In the article, they mainly talk about Kaguya Luna’s CD is ranked in 3rd on iTunes store and of course, king of vtuber Kizuna Ai.

There are few Chinese vtubers out there creating contents on Chinese video platform Bilibili and there would be more and more vtubers will be activated internationally soon.

Some people say vtuber’s demand is almost reached a peek due to several different reasons so chinese vtubers could be the next big trend.

On the other hand, even though VR technology is more advanced in China than Japan, the technology is so advanced that people are unable to follow. To activate virtual youtubers with their high VR technology is one of the way to break through.

So excited to see Chinese vtuber’s future!

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