Virtual Shibuya Project

KDDI, the Japanese telecommunications operator is planning to do virtual Shibuya project in one of the biggest city in Japan, Shibuya. The purpose is to make and update Shibuya more entertainment and technology since its the most popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo.

This project is the 2nd one and 1st project was specialized in AR and VPS technology. When you use the app that they provide and see through the shibuya city from your smartphone camera, users can see the digital transformation version of Shibuya.

From your camera, the city becomes like aquarium and you can see variety of marine fishes and fireworks.Not only the city, but also you can see the store information at restaurant in Shibuya and when you use it at train station, you will see the train information virtually. How awesome is that?!

The 2nd project, which is happening on October 19 and 20th at Shibuya Music festival 2019 is specialized on XR technology (AR / MR / VR)and you can actually experience the 5G generation physically. They are planning to make this event a monthly event, collaborate with bunch of companies together, so this is not just a limited event.

When you are in Shibuya, you gotta try and experience the new technology!

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