Virtuak maeket 4!

Virtual market is a virtual exhibition and so far they’ve done 3 times in the past. Since its trending and many peopleare waiting for vol 4, now they are announcing to do the 4th version of virtual market on spring in 2020.

During vol 3 virtual market, more than 200,000 people came to visit the website and for vol 4 they are expecting for more people to come.

The exact date and time will be announced on their official website soon and at the same time, they are seeking sponsor companies as well.

Last time when they didi cloud funding, they funded more than $100,000, which was 5 times more than their target amount. They’ve gathered more than 30 sponsored companies including listed companies and there were 600 booth.

Virtual market vol 4 will be back with latest technology and more updated features in 2020!


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