Nijisanji is planning big event in this winter

Japanese virtual youtuber group Nijisanji is planning something big for this winter. The event is called “にじさんじ冬の陣2019-2020” (Nijisanji winter 2019-2020).

And before that event, they are doing pre-event on December 8th, Sunday called “Virtual to LIVE in両国国技館” (Birtual to LIVE in Ryokoku Kokugikann)

Now they are selling pre ticket on their official website.

This event details were announced at the summer event “Nijisnaji music festival”. Nijisanji is a big vtuber community / agency and they are doing more and more events to promote their vtubers and that’s very fun and smart way to do marketing I’d say.

Nijisanji is proving other service such as Nijimeguri. Nijimeguri is a Sound AR experiencer service that Nijisanji members actually go out to the reality and introduce cities. Users will have to put audio headsets and they;ll be able to hear guidance of the city of Akihabara from Nijisanji members.

They are expanding their service and events not only uploading youtube videos and it’s gonna be fun!

Nijisanji winter event official webcite is here . Go get your ticket asap before sold out!

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