Virtual instagrammer Aoi Prism is fashion director now?!

Aoi prism is virtual instagrammer who belongs to the virtual influencer agency VIM and she is debuted as a fashion director.

Aoi prism is the world’s first “gal” virtual instagrammer and she lives in Tokyo, has more than 11K followers on Instagram. Her interests are tamagotchi and to collect out-of place artifact from Heisei. (That’s so “gal”)

And her first job as a fashion director is to make guests look like “gal”. The com memorable first guest is 香椎かてぃ from idol unit ZOC.

This project is from Instagram magazine ENBAN TOKYO  and before and after picture is on their instagram account.

By looking at pictures, we cannot even tell which one is virtual and human.. At first, the existence of “virtual human” was already surprising, but nowadays virtual youtuber. virtual influencer, virtual character is part of our social media life at the head of Lil miquela.

We are getting used to see virtual character on SNS, and there will be more virtual influencer out there. Aoi prism is one of the first virtual influencer and if you’re into virtual culture, you must check out her SNS accounts!

Aoi Prism Twitter account – here

Aoi Prism Instagram account – here

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