Virtual influencer Imma is killing it in new SK-II champaign

The very first “gal” virtual instagrammer Imma is now legit influencer. She is collaborating with the Japanese cosmetic brand “SK-II” and she is killing it in YouTube video. Check it out below!

Action, texture, facial expression and everything looks real and surprising how real she looks. This new champaign from SK-II is for exclusive holiday season design and she is part of  online commercial video with Japanese actress Ayase Haruka.

She suddenly appeared on Instagram in 2018 and her career is moving forward ever since. She was in the paris collection, collaborating with bunch of Japanese influencers and models and she is definitely the new icon.

The video I attached above starts from sake brewing place, which is the product made from. And imma starts to get the pitera power and Ayase Haruka, other people in the video and even the city of Tokyo starts to get the same power as well.

Holiday season exclusive bottle is designed by Utamaro and is available at stores from October 21st for a limited amount. The product is sold by set and is include travel size facial cleanser, toner and lotion. The price is 25,000 JPY.

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