First album from virtual artist group

Auxuman is the virtual artist development agency and virtual artist group from the agency released their brand new album called “Auxuman Vol.1”  for the first time. The virtual artist group is consist of 5 virtual humans and there are 10 songs in their new album.

Virtual artist with unique identity

Members are Yona, Mony, Gemini, Hexe, Zoya, and each individuals all have unique identity. They are considered as AI artists and each artist have different personalities and emotions.

Yona is the leader of the group and she has “pure and romantic” personality unlike others. On the other hand, Hexe has aggressive  personality.

The characteristic of the album is all of their songs in the album is made by AI. The CEO of Auxuman said that producer who put element of the songs is human, but all these songs were created digitally.

These virtual artists will build their career not only as game streaming, but also live performer.

As of now, you can listen to the album Auxuman Vol.1 for free in the link below. Check it out!

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