Can virtual influencer exceed human influencer?

Modeling agency based in England named The Diigitals is doing world class sponsorship with bunch of popular brands such as Balman and Ellesse. The Diigitals is turning into virtual model agency.

Virtual model in fashion industry

Photographer Cameron James willson first started The Diigitals  when he was 30 because he wanted to learn 3D modeling skill. After that Barbie series “princess of South Africa”  Shudu was created   Other than Shudu there are Margot & Zhi, KOFFI and 7 other virtual models are in the agency.

Virtual industry is keep expanding

Since social media and internet service expanded, influencer is one of the best way to do marketing in 2019.  Because of influencer and SNS trend, virtual version of influencers were created such as Lil miquela  and virtual influencer and virtual youtuber trend became viral.

Lil miquela is one of the big virtual influencer and she is doing tie ups with real brands. Since she is a virtual creature, her team turn sponsored products into digital and wears it and post on her instagram.

One of the big sponsor that she did was with Calvin Klein and she collaborated with the model Bella Hadid. Not only Lil miquela, but there are more and more virtual youtuber / influencer are being created and we can say that the worth of virtual industry is definitely keep going up. In Japan, there are few popular virtual youtubers and influencers and people are enjoying the movements of generation.

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