Virtual singer AZKi’s new music video

Virtual youtuber / singer AZKi is releasing her first new album called “without U” on November 12th and she uploaded her brand new music video on her YouTube channel.

She just released her new music video the other day and those two songs are from her new album.

The new music video’s song “世界は巡り、やがて君のものになる” is collaboration song with vtuber idol group エルセとさめのぽき. You can check the full explanation of the new songs on video below.

And we have big news for Azki’s big fans today…

She announced that she is exclusively releasing another new music video for premium members on her YouTube channel on 5th at 10pm which is in 2 hours! (japan time). So you must sign up for premium members if you haven’t yet, and check out her brand new music video before anyone sees it!

And album trailer is below:

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