You can get paid and interact with your favorite youtuber?

One of the most popular virtual youtuber Mirai Akari is looking for someone who’d like to work with her at the DJ event that sh is attending.

Task is pretty simple. She is looking for cameraman (not professional), sales person, I mean she needs help around herself in general at the event. There is no requirements in gender and age, obviously no qualifications as well, so literally everyone can apply for this position.

The DJ event is called Re:animation and it is anime song outdoor festival type of event that is planning to happen on December 8th. In addition, One of the most popular vtuber who just announced to release her brand new original album is also gonna attend at the event. Her name is AZKi and it’s gonna be lit!

Obviously you can interact with irai Akari during your shift and you can get paid $300 a day and transportation fee.

You can apply from November 4th to the 18th from link in below. (in Japanese) Check it out!

Vtuber ( Virtual Youtuber) Office 「Animel Studio」

Not only we give you production and operation,
but we also support your character to get proposals and collaborative videos many years ahead.