Unity Chan debuted on screen for the first time

Virtual youtuber Unity Chan is a mascot character for Japanese company Unity Technologies Japan and she is a high school girl that has been active on YouTube. And this time she is debuted as a virtual actress in the brand new movie called “踊ってミタ”.

Image result for ユニティちゃん

She started her career on December 2018 and and regular member for the tv show called “バーチャルさんはみている”. It is very rare for vtubers to be an actress and he is climbing career step by step in a positive way so far. She expressed her feeling on her official Twitter account.

The movie that she is debuting is about dancing. Characters will face so much drama, friendship troubles, dream, troubles and will learn life lessons through dancing.

Characters in the movie are mostly humans, however unity chan will be the only virtual character in the movie.

In addition, management started cloud funding for cost of unity chan’s figure on MotionGallery. (link inbelow)

The movie will be on air on spring  2020, Don’t miss Unity chan’s first career as an actress!

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