What’s unisize? and the possibility of it

E-commerce platform is growing because of smartphone and internet, and when people use an e-commerce platform to shop, the biggest problem is “fitting”. There are few big brands such as Amazon, Sephora in the US are trying virtual fitting service on online, but it;s not very popular internationally.

According to survey about the problem of EC website in Japan, the most popular problems that customer face is fitting problem. 40% answered that they don’t really want to use EC website when they shop because they cannot try on. 17% answered payment system, 16% answered shipping time, 14% answered customer service and 8% answered delivery system. So almost half of them said that fitting is the biggest problem on e-commerce platform.

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And based on that survey, the next question is “how can e-commerce platform fix it? What kind of technology do you think they need?”

25% answered virtual fitting could solve, 19% answered live customer service, 18% answered virtual generated outfit idea, 14% answered short video of model wearing the outfit and 14% answered 3D images. Most of them answered that virtual fitting service could solve this problem.

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There are 5 different virtual fitting service in Japan, which is Unisize, Virtusize, Mysizes, and Fit analytics. The most popular service as of now is Unisize and 29% answered that they are aware of this service. 23% for Virtualsize, 19% for Mysizes and and 17% for Fit analytics.

And when you see the  implementation rate for these virtual fitting service, it’s surprising because there is a big difference. The rate os that 50% of Japanese e-commerce platform uses Unisize or Virtualsize and only 2-3 % of the EC platforms use other virtual fitting service above.

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