6 virtual influencer you must follow in 2019

To make everything virtual is one of the trending in 2019, and I’d like to introduce 6 virtual instagrammer you must follow on Instagram this year!

(Follower count is accurate as of 11/14)

#1 Lewis Hiro Newman – 7,100 followers

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It doesn't matter if you exist in the virtual world or in the real world. I think the most important thing is to face new challenges. Let's live a story nobody's ever imagined before! バーチャルの世界に存在するか、 現実世界に存在するかは関係ない。 何に挑戦していくか、それが一番大事だと僕は思う。 さぁ、誰も見たことのない物語を始めよう。 No importa si vives en un mundo virtual que en uno real. Lo más importante en la vida es afrontar nuevos retos. Vivamos una historia que nunca imaginaste. 到底是存在于虚拟世界还是现实世界中, 我认为这并不重要。 重要的是去尝试怎样的挑战。 来吧!开起前所未有的新旅程。 到底是存在於虛擬世界還是現實世界中, 我認為這並不重要。 重要的是去嘗試怎樣的挑戰。 來吧!開起前所未有的新旅程。 #Livingbetweenvirtualandreality #バーチャルと現実の狭間で生きていく #Lewisnewman

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He was created based on real Japanese actor. If you know the virtual influencer Liam Nikuro, you might be familiar with him, and Lewis is also from the same company called 1sec, which is based in both LA and Tokyo.

#2 Lil Miquela – 1.7M

Of course, Lil Miquela is one of the most first and popular virtual instagrammer / singer. The company called Brud based in LA created her first and now she is collaborating with many high end brands such as PRADA, Balenciaga, off-white, Moncler and more. She just started her music career and just released brand new music video called “Automatic”. Check it out below.

#3 Milla Sakurai – 1,983 followers

Milla is a half Japanese half American girl who just started her career as a virtual influencer on this September. She is already collaborating and taking picture with popular Japanese actors like Makkeiyu Arata, wearing high-end fashion such as Burberry and Louis Vuitton and I can tell she has the potential to go viral any time soon.

#4 Bermuda – 180K

Bermuda hacked Lil miquela’s instagram account and switched all posts into Bermuda’s picture and went viral at first. She has like scandalous celebrity vibes such as Paris Hilton. Typical LA girls xx

#5 Liam Nikuro – 16.5K

Liam is the first virtual work from the company “1sec”, which created Lewis Hiro Newman recently. He is not very specialized on one thing, but focused on few things in his career such as fashion, music, collaboration, and producer.

#6 Shudu – 192K

She went viral because Rihanna’s clothing line “fenty beauty” ‘s instagram reposted one of Shudu’s post before. She was created from photographer Cameron James in 2017.


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