Kaguya Luna’s 1st album “XXX”

Kaguya Luna, one of the most popular virtual youtuber in Japan, who has over a million subscribers on YouTube, is releasing her 1st album called “XXX” on January 15th, 2020!

She is known as energetic, free spirited, and in stark contrast to many popular female VTubers, is quite vulgar and can be insulting to her viewers as well (though it is always in good natured fun).

There are three kinds of CD and 1st one is the limited edition version, which includes CD, Blu-ray disc and hooded sweatshirt. 2nd one is first run limited edition, which is without sweatshirt, and 3rd one is the regular version only with CD.

Additionally, it was designed by the person who is in charge of her character design, her name is Mika Pikazo.

The first 2 version of CD (limited edition version / first run limited edition) includes Blu-ray and inside of the disc, it will be her video from past concert 輝夜 月LIVE@ZeppVR and 輝夜 月LIVE@ZeppVR2.

「☓☓☓」Online reservation page (In Japanese)
輝夜月(Official Website)

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