Vtuber end of the year party 2019!

2019 is almost over and holiday season is coming up soon.. and here’s the big announcement for all the vtuber fans!

There is the end of year vtuber party in Tokyo, Akihabara on December 28th! This event is sponsored by BitStar, mikai, PIMLAB. You can enjoy fun time with your favorite vtuber at the end of the year, such an amazing event!

There’s photoshoot booth and you can take picture with your favorite vtubers. And they will sell exclusive goods!

Vtubers who will attend at the event below:

OsaNazu Channel

Image result for おさナズ


Image result for すたーべあ!

Rei Channel

Image result for 紡音れい


Image result for 桜夢なな

Event details below:

  • Date: December 28th
  • Location: Akihabara Entasu (
  • Members: listed above
  • Ticket price: ¥4,500 (Included one drink)
  • Where to buy ticket:



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