Introducing 3 new vtubers  from Nijisanji

There are three brand new virtual youtubers from Japanese vtuber agency Nijisanji. Let’s take a look!

Fuwa Minato

He wants to be number one host. Through his live stream, he is looking for someone who has same interest.


Shirayuki Tomoe

She looks super sweet and calm but she believes in the law of the jungle, which means her motto is “Survival of the fittest”.

She is single and looking for partner through live stream.


Gwelu Os Gar

He is elf MC / host. He came to human world to show his talent as MC.


Their first live stream schedule is below:

November 30th at 8pm (JPT) Gwelu Os Gar

November 30th at 9pm (JPT) Shirayuki Tomoe

November 30th at 10pm (JPT) Fuwa Minato

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