Aoi prism’s new collaboration with SPINNS

Japanese millennium company called yutori is known for the creator of the virtual creature Aoi Prism. She is now collaborating lots of big Japanese brands like Toyota, and now she is collaborating with one of the most popular Japanese clothing brand SPINNS as a fashion designer.

SPINNS is the affordable fashion brand for young people and they mainly have thrifted clothes and harajuku style clothes. The name of the collaboration is “SHIBUYA center city hoodie” and they will start selling from December 5th at Shibuya 109 store.

She is tweeting about the new SPINNS store after renovation and this tweet have more than 4500 retweets. SPINNS’ signboard is Aoi Prism for limited time.

You can see this signboard until January 15th.

Two colors available in yellow and black and only XL size is available for oversized hoodie. Price is 6,000 jpy (about $60)


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