Virtual x martial art event: V-RIZIN2019

V-RIZIN2019 is the cllaboration event of virtual world and martial arts. Participants are SIRO, Mokota Mememe, Kongo Iroha, Kakyoin Chieri from virtual youtuber idol club.

This event is the end of year event which is going to happen on December 29th at Saitama Super Arena. The main event is for the martial art, but there will be special virtual idol booth at the event.

Ticket price is ¥8,800 (about $80). Check out more details at official event website. >>


Siro is one of the most popular virtual youtuber in Japan and she will be at the event! She is posting mainly dancing, singing, gaming videos on her YouTube channel which has more than 700K subscribers. She is on TV shows as well.

SIRO YouTube Channel
SIRO Twitter

So I mentioned bunch of names after SIRO above but who are they? Who is Idol club?

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idol club is the idol group who belongs to the Vtuber MCN called .LIVE. SIRO is also from the same MCN and obviously they are specialized in virtual youtubers and all of the virtual creators are successful.

It’s been more than a year since they start career and when they did one year anniversary event, more than 2000 fans came to see the concert.

To see full members of Idol club, click here >>

.LIVE YouTube Channel

Mokota Mememe

She is half sheep, half alpaca, half human. She likes to play games and drew. She even did solo concert before and 1000 fans were there for her!

Kongo Iroha

She knows a lot about subculture such as anime and manga. On her YouTube channel she specialized in gaming videos.

Kakyoin Chieri

She is calm and have power to make people heal. She loves animals and staying home on weekends.

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