The power of virtual influencer

Because of advanced AI technology, some people say they are stealing human’s job, and it’s not just about physical work but also social media influencer industry as well. All those big companies like KFC, Louis Vuitton, bed bath and beyond and more are starting to collaborate with human influencers and virtual influencers.

People loved handsome and young version of KFC’s character Colonel Sanders, but some audiences were questioning about some CG influencer who has different skin tone.

According to some research, we’ve come to the realization that virtual influencer has 3 times higher engagement rate than human influencer. We can clearly tell that CG influencers will be more popular in 2020 for sure.

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The most popular virtual influencer is @Lilmiquela who has almost 2 million Instagram followers and @Noonoouri with 330K followers. And virtual influencers that was made from Japanese creator are @Imma.gram, @Shudu.gram, @LiamNikuro, @Bermudaisbae and all of them has more than 10K followers.

We can guess that virtual influencers will be managed by AI they will change the whole ideas of SNS. However as a matter of fact, the whole virtual influencer / virtual human journey has just began. And I think that robots are just there to speak for our opinions and they won’t cross the line that they are not supposed to cross.

Also virtual influencers will decrease the risk when brands collab with influencers because robots are controlled by humans. Can’t wait to see more virtual influencer contents in 2020!

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