In person performance by virtual human

YELLOCK is known as virtual human artist and he is planning to do the virtual human performance event at night club called SHIBUYA WOMB 06S FINAL in Shibuya, Tokyo on January 11th (JPT).

06S is the event that people enjoy the combination of music and tech art and this time they are collaborating with new kind of thing, which is virtual human.

The virtual human character was produced by YELLOW, designed by Mimic Production who designed the popular movie such as Avater and planet of the apes. Mimic Production will be visiting Japan just to operate this event in real time.

You can buy ticket on online prior for cheaper price ¥2,800 or at the door for ¥3,500. This event starts from 11pm and ends at 4:30am.

You can experience totally new and fresh experience from this exciting event so if you’re in Tokyo, you should definitely check it out!

Official Website :


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