Announcing Hinata channe’s new member!

Nekomiya Hinata is one of the most popular vitual YouTuber in Japan and she is announcing to add one more member in her channel. How exciting?

Her name is Inugami Kokage. She started her Twitter channel back in April last year and she used to attend only her voice in Hinata’s YouTube videos. And finally she revealed her existence in video on Christmas day in 2019.

Surprisingly, new member Kokage’s age is 1500 years old and her favorite thing is the anime tv show Kamen Rider.

Check out Hinata’s YouTube channel and subscribe for new contents with brand new unique member!

Nekomiya Hinata(YouTube)
Nekomiya Hitana(Twitter)
Inugami Kokage(Twitter)
Maruishi Tama(Twitter)

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