Brand new virtual human “Neon” from Samsung

Neon is the mysterious company from Samsung Technology and Advanced Research Labs (STAR Labs) and they announced  brand new virtual creature at CES 2020 in Las Vegas on January 7th. Their virtual human technology was named “Neon” and they said “Looks just like us, move like us, and they even have emotions and intelligence but computer generated virtual human”.

Basically Neon is trying to develop video chat robot that looks and behave just like human being. And they are neither just copy of human being, nor smart assistant nor android nor surrogate, so they won’t be able to answer weather or the year Abraham Lincoln dead.

Neon is not AI assistant, the repeated. Neon is more like us than AI assistant because they don’t know “everything” and they can’t answer everything you want to know. But they can learn from experience and express feeling like human being.

Also they were built to behave and have a conversation like us. They can store memory and acquire new skills, but they have no physical object. So the point is they can help us to do our tasks and personalize them. For example, they are good at behaving like TV anchor, teacher, financial advisor, health care provider, concierge, actor and spokesperson.


Neon is not just the copy of our existence or AI assistant. They are brand new computer generated human.

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