Kaguya Luna’s first album “XXX”

One of the most popular Japanese virtual youtuber Kaguya Luna is about to release her 1st new album called XXX on January 5th, which is happening tomorrow! And in commemoration to her celebration, she uploaded brand new YouTube video about her vtuber journey. Narrator is Pinky Pop Hepburn, who is her kouhai. Check out the video below;

On her Twitter, she is sharing words of configurations from other virtual youtuber friends such as Pinky Pop Hepburn, her music producer PABLO a.k.a. WTF!? and so on.

Also she is announcing about PS4 app called 輝夜月LIVE@ZeppVR2, which will be available from the 16th and if you order it before the 16th (JPT), you’ll get exclusive avatar which you can use to PSN profile.

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