Japanese Influencer Power Ranking 2019

One of the biggest Japanese influencer marketing agency BitStar announced “Japanese Influencer Power Ranking 2019” and internet is going crazy about it! There are 4 kinds of ranking in this brand new power ranking, which is 1. Total view channel ranking 2. Most viewed video ranking 3. 2019 brand new channel ranking 4. collaboration most viewed video ranking. Let’s take a look at them!

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Total view channel ranking

#1 Tokai On Air

Total view count: 10 billion

#2 Takilong Kids’ Toys

Total view count: 9 billion

#3 Fischer’s-フィッシャーズ-

Total view count: 8 billion

Most viewed video ranking

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#1 タキロン Takilong Kids’ Toys

View count: 92M

#2 Official髭男dism – Pretender

View count: 132M

#3 King Gnu Official YouTube Channel – 白日

View count: 128M

2019 brand new channel ranking

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Joined on August, 2019 – subscribers: 2.5M


Joined on July, 2019 – subscribers: 689K

#3 ヒューマンバグ大学_闇の漫画

Joined on March, 2019 – subscribers: 660K

Sponsored most viewed video ranking

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#1 荒野行動

#2 モーリーファンタジー

#3 Simeji

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