Super real virtual human from Soul Machine

AI research company “soul machine” announced that they succeed  to cloud fund 40 million dollars. Investors like Lakestar, Salesforce Ventures, Horizons Ventures, University of Auckland Inventors Fund joined this cloud fund and the whole virtual technology / AI industry is talking about this matter.

Soul machine first started in 2016 and they are specialized in AI, brain calculation model and automatic animation platform combined with learned experience. That means they are capable to create “digital hero” who is able to communicate with humans face to face since this virtual human even has unique personalities.

Researcher is guessing that AGI industry, focused on replacing our tasks with machines, will grow 41,6% which is scale of $1000 million. According to Soul  Machine, they will be focusing on expanding research and development in international career foundation by using funds that they gathered from cloud funding.

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Also Soul Machine is developing digital heroes for retail, car, financial, software technology, health care, energy, education  with their HumanOS platform. Companies can create and replace to digital for their own ambassador, sales person and even employee by using this platform.

Soul Machine is based in New Zealand and has 120 employees now. They have office in most of the major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London, Tokyo, Melbourne and Oakland. Very excited for this new virtual and digital era.

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