Aoi Prism is collaborating with Ryuchel

Aoi Prism is known as first Japanese virtual gal and she is collaborating with one of the most popular Japanese talent / model Ryuchel. She has done collaboration with bunch of Japanese models and idols and she is keep growing her career as a virtual influencer. And today I’d like to share her brand new collaboration with Ryuchel on Instagram magazine called “ENBAN TOKYO”.

Aoi Prism is belong to the agency named VIM and she is delivering her own original style contents through her SNS platforms mainly Instagram. As of January 2020, she already has more than 13K followers on her Instagram account.

The Instagram magazine ENBAN TOKYO is the SNS account that Aoi Prism is in charge of fashion director. This time she choose Ryuchel as a model and she picked the whole outfit for him.

Aoi Prism’s comment below:


“Glitter bodysuit with cute makeup and hair style. Kawaii but stylish at the same time and guy version of gal kinda vibes. Anyways gender doesn’t even matter when it comes to gal♡”

Ryuchel’s comment below:


“We collaborated for the first time and did an amazing shoot! In this era, it’s so easy to find an icon on SNS but at the same time that also makes us insecure about ourselves. Because there are too much information on internet ann tend to decide the basic concept of “kawaii”, I think we should remember the 2000s gal culture vibes. Unique and freedom kinda perspective / mindset makes us openminded like we used to be. Don’t let other people kill your originality and uniqueness. Be original.”

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