Valentine campaign from vtubers

Gugenka is provided by XR (AR / VR / MR) and is collaborating with 7 eleven online website “omuni 7” and avex. At their virtual shop called “Gugenka virtual shop”, virtual characters will be doing customer service and PR promotion for customers.

In this champaign, Vtubers who belong to Gugenka such as Shinonome Megu will be doing store clark and will be in charge of PR from February 7th to the 14th.

Image result for 東雲めぐ

Hoe to join: under the environment where you have access and play VRchat and click the URL for venue. Vtuber character will be different on each day and you might not be able to attend desired venue due to congestion situation.

Also, you can get free digital novelty ecxlusive velentine video from Shinonome Megu or 29 other vtubers. You can enjoy the free digital novelty on the app Holomodels.

The keyword you need in order to download will be announced on campaign website at the end of last day of the event.

In addition, for those who doesn’t have VR machine, they will be doing live stream on SHOWROOM and YouTube from February 7 to the 14th.

On Twitter, they will be doing other campaign where you can win original T shirt here. Check out, it’s simple just follow and retweet!


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